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What Does Your Vehicle’s Front Lip Do?
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What is a Front Lip?

A front lip is a rubber strip that’s affixed to your front bumper. Front bumper lips vary in terms of quality, size, and durability, so it’s important to buy a front bumper lip from a reputable brand.

Here are the three main reasons people install front bumper lips on their cars:

1. Reduce Airflow Under the Vehicle

Having a bumper lip on your front bumper helps reduce airflow under the vehicle. This can help with fuel economy by decreasing drag. However, it’s not guaranteed.

The amount of airflow reduction depends on the type of bumper lip you install on your car. For example, heavy fiberglass bumpers or bumper lips don’t really improve fuel economy. The extra weight of the bumper offsets any aerodynamic gains.

Basically, if you’re concerned about reducing airflow without adding weight, your best bet is getting a lightweight rubber bumper lip, like the All-Fit lip kit.

Bumper lips can also help increase downforce, which improves handling. However, this typically only benefits vehicles that are driven on the track. The car needs to be going pretty fast to generate any noticeable downforce. If you’ve got daily driver, there probably aren’t any noticeable handling benefits from any type of bumper lip. You just can’t go fast enough to make them work.

2. Protect the Bumper from Damage

Bumper lips offer a degree of protection against a scrape on a parking block, speed bump, or curb. However, the level of protection depends on the lip material. Some lips are basically just garage door weatherstripping, and will likely tear the first time they encounter an obstacle. If the lip is made from fiberglass or carbon fibre, it can crack or shatter on the first impact.

If you’re looking for maximum protection, invest in a front bumper lip that’s made of durable rubber.

3. Give the Vehicle a Lowered Look

Some people install a front bumper lip just to give their car a lowered look. Not only does a front bumper lip reduce airflow and protect the front bumper from damage, but it also improves the aesthetics of a car.

Front lips:

· Reduce airflow under the vehicle

· Protect the bumper from damage

· Give the vehicle a lowered look

The amount of airflow decrease, mileage increase, and protection the lip offers depends on its design and material.

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